Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Trapper Keeper

Okay, I've heard a couple of OnStar commercials where they're boasting that they can contact emergency services for you. Apparently, no one could dial 911 before OnStar showed up.

Okay, I can imagine some situations where OnStar would be useful - like, say, if you don't know where the fuck you are. Of course, OnStar always knows where you are, and as such they can tell emergency people where to find your ass. But there was one commercial - and maybe I just didn't hear all of it - where I could swear it was a woman calling OnStar because her house was on fire. Why the fuck don't you just call 911? Whose first instinct is to call OnStar when their family is threatened and their life is going up in flames? Seriously, if you're that fucking stupid, or you're that worried about your car, I hope you die in a house fire, and I want you to die in a house fire.

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