Monday, March 15, 2004

When I first saw this in Blogger's "Blogs of Note" section, I thought maybe it was a great new 'blog with some good masturbation mastubation tips. That would have been great, so I could have finally had a place to direct one of those kids who come here looking for ways to beat off, the best way to beat off, things to beat off to, blah blah blah fucking figure it out kid.

Actually, it's not like I don't have a folder of bookmarks full of shit that I could point these kids to, but that would take effort. Plus, as we all know, I will only go so far to help other guys get off. I'd be all for putting in some effort to help the ladies get off, of course, but none of them want that.

"I'm great in bed... 'Cause I try so hard."
- Mitch Fatel, and no I'm not trying to cleverly imply that I'm somehow good in bed, because in addition to the fact that I'm not that clever, I can promise you that I am not good in bed. But I probably would get an A for "effort." That is, if lots of nervous fumbling around and ejaculating prematurely now count as "effort."

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