Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A few things brought up by this article:
  • Stop with all the polls bullshit. They're fucking meaningless at this point. We have more than half a year to go before the election. Everything is going to be blown out of the water once the attack ads are in full force, the R convention in New York plays up 9/11 until we're bleeding from the eyes and ears, and Osama is magically found at just the right time.
  • Thanks for running around defending the PATRIOT Act, Bush. I had almost forgotten how fucking much I hate you.
  • Speaking of our friend PATRIOT, let's keep in mind that Bush not only wants it renewed in full, but expanded.
  • One more PATRIOT note: yes, the act does have some merits. Allowing information sharing between agencies seems like a good idea. Things like judicial oversight and due process weren't such great ideas, apparently.
  • ``He was paying for terrorists to kill.'' Isn't this a reference to Saddam paying the families of suicide bombers? First off, he wasn't paying for terrorists to kill, he was paying for terrorists who had already killed and weren't going to be doing any more killing. There's a difference. Second, I'm sick and tired of hearing this - TB has repeated it time and time again, mainly because it's about the only solid link to terrorism that TB has come up with. Just like the only WMD case they have is that Saddam used WMD... Back in the 80s.

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