Thursday, April 22, 2004

Google search:

fucked up problems at birth funny pics

Unless if I'm misinterpreting things, this is probably the single worst Google hit I've ever gotten, and I get several awful hits a day. Hits so awful that I won't even post them and make jokes (usually something about fucking kids, of course). This one, however, deserves special mention. I don't really get offended by anything, other than the existence of people like this. You know, it's not just that they were looking for pictures of "problems at birth," since I get hits every now and then from people looking for non-child porn pictures of ill shit. It's that they were looking for such pictures to make them laugh. TCFM, who finds humor in lots of things that most other people find decidedly unfunny.

Whoever this Googler is needs to die in a car fire.

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