Friday, April 09, 2004

Google search:

i want 2004 guestbooks of chemical engineers in france

I get a lot of hits for child porn, despite there being no child porn here, but I also get a decent number of hits from people looking for guestbooks of some kind. And you know what? The guestbook hits piss me off WAY more than the kiddie porn hits. Why? Well, because I can understand the kiddie porn hits; they're coming from sick fucking people. The guestbook thing I cannot understand.

Well, I can understand it from one angle; these people's lives are fucking bankrupt. Your life would have to be if you're looking for guestbooks on certain subjects. Even if I get that fact, it still fucking pisses me off. If you're coming here looking for a guestbook of some kind, we should just put you in prison along with the pedophiles. I'm not saying people who look for guestbooks are as bad as child molesters, but since we're cleaning house, might as well get those losers out of here.

Why don't you guestbook assholes take up a hobby, like child pornography?

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