Friday, April 09, 2004

I'm kind of interesting in seeing The Alamo. I won't be able to vouch for its historical accuracy (or lack thereof) since I wasn't at the Alamo, but history films always interest me nonetheless.

I'm pre-emptively pissed about this deal with ending the film with the Battle of San Jacinto, though. This is just like the stupid bullshit where Pearl Harbor didn't end with the titular battle, but instead went on to show Doolittle's Run. It's not about "completion" or "parallel bahbitty-blah." It's not even about the "good guys" winning. It's about not making the Americans look bad. Yeah, yeah, Texas wasn't part of the U.S. then, but we still think of those who defended the Alamo as being part of "us." Like I said, same shit as with Pearl Harbor - we can't end a film where we get our asses handed to us. Not even if we eventually went on to victory! But of course, Americans are so shallow, insecure, and ignorant of history that they can't handle seeing us lose without immediately seeing that follwed with us winning.

I also see that The Alamo is rated PG-13. I could be wrong on this since I haven't seen it yet, but I'm willing to bet that it's pretty violent since it depicts fucking military battles and should be rated R. Just like Pearl Harbor, which was a fucking R rated movie that got a PG-13. And why did it get a PG-13? Because Disney made a phone call to the MPAA. I would imagine they did the same with The Alamo. That's how the ratings system works. It's all about how much money and influence you have and whose dick you've sucked.

Just for the record, fuck Pearl Harbor. That would have been a decent movie had they just focused on the battle at Pearl Harbor itself and not wasted time with the "let's all feel good about ourselves now, children" Doolittle's Run sequence or that ridiculous love story. I'm fine with chicks and romance when it has a point and is well done, but that shit was in there just to get women to go. The only thing that made it bearable is that Kate Beckinsale is so bloody gorgeous that it hurts.

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