Wednesday, April 07, 2004

One thousand years? Fuck that. We'll all be dead in a thousand years. Why the hell should we have to care?

That right there is pretty much why nothing serious will ever get done to help the environment. No one besides Al Gore is going to give a shit about the environment until A) it starts costing them a lot of money or B) things are so fucked that it's having an immediate impact as opposed to a millenia down the line. We're too selfish and shortsighted to give a shit about anything more than a few years out.

Whenever things are finally such a mess that we just all fucking die, oh well. We'll fucking deserve it. 'Cause you see, the whole environmental debate isn't about saving the planet. The planet has been around for billions of years, and it has seen some shit. It'll survive whatever we throw at it. Humanity, on the other hand, isn't quite so resilient.

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