Saturday, April 24, 2004

Update: I found this page where you can download all the episodes of Zelda. You have to sign up for their stupid forums to download, but it's pretty quick and painless. The movies aren't exactly high-quality, but it's not like I had high expectations.

Fuckin' A. This show was pretty much a young boy's wet dream. The smart-ass hero brandishing his sword and fighting monsters in hopes of getting one lousy kiss from the princess. Man, Zelda's a stone-cold bitch. But at least she gets involved in the ass-kicking instead of always playing the damsel in distress. And Sprite fucking rules - she's looking out for number one! And Sugar Ray Gannon continues the rich tradition of inept bad guys.

I remember that I used to be a bigger fan of the Super Mario Brothers cartoons in the beginning, and was kinda disappointed on Fridays when Zelda was on instead. At one point, I came to my senses and was like "Fuck Super Mario Brothers. Zelda is where it's at."

Also when I was younger, I had this weird habit of busting out my tape recorder and recording myself while I watched cartoons. Duck Tales, Zelda, you name it. I need to go dig those out of the crawl space at my parents' house. Yeah, totally - that way I can remind myself that I was just as pathetic as a child as I am now as a pseudo-adult.

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