Thursday, April 08, 2004

Yet another victory for free (as in speech) speech.

One could argue that Howard Stern's show should be taken off the air not for indecency, but for suckage. But you know who should decide just how much Stern's show sucks and whether or not it should be 86ed? The market. That usually seems to work pretty well, and from what I've been told, that's even the American system. But no, thanks to religious groups and bullshit politics, we have the FCC - a body that's appointed, not elected - making decisions for us. They're continuing with their charter mission to shit all over the First Amendment.

If it weren't for the fact that I know how fucking stupid Americans are, I'd be astounded that we stand for censorship like this. It's not just that we tolerate actions like this, but the fact that we have so many uptight, lame ass cunts who get so bent out of shape over sex and bad language that they actually cheer the FCC on.

As a side note, I've already decided that when I have my HBO special (because I know twos of people would tune in), it's going to be entitled Lighten the Fuck Up!

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