Monday, May 31, 2004

Here's another site that will get you into trouble if you're like me: I'm basically passing this on in hopes that it will ruin one or two other lives like it is helping do to mine. I keep coming across all kinds of shit that has me saying "I didn't know there was a photobook of her. Fuck. And you need it." Now, unlike Amazon Japan they don't (as far as I can tell) have ordering in English. They are, however, kind enough (or big enough assholes) to give info like ISBNs, which I can take over to Amazon Japan to find what I desire (aside from popcorn necklaces).

Ordering from Amazon Japan is money. Literally. I much prefer to order photobooks from them as opposed to JList now. I've placed a few Amazon orders thus far, usually getting around four books at a time for around $130 - including shipping. Usually, four books over at JList ends up being around that price if not more before shipping. Speaking of shipping, Amazon offers fast shipping via DHL. So, if shit's in stock, those with no sense of self-gratification (again, like me) can order shit at the beginning of the week and have it delivered by the end of the week if things are in stock. I can typically find what I want, too. Thanks to places like EIC, I'm finding shit I didn't even know I wanted but knew I'd want if I knew it existed, which it apparently does.

These fucking Japanese sites could make a killing if they'd learn to cater to gaijin a little more. I mean, it's not like they aren't already making a killing, but as any corporate crook will tell you, you can never have too much money. I know there are lots of dumbfucks like me who are just dying to drop cash for this stuff, only most people probably aren't willing to become marginally proficient at shopping in a nonsensical language. I need to find some way to tap into that so I can make my stupid habits self-sustaining.

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