Friday, May 28, 2004

I'm pretty sure I've complained about uptight cunts and their reaction to the Abercrombie catalog at least once before, but like always, I'm going to repeat myself. It's so goddamn embarrassing that there are people (read: Christian conservatives, Joe Lieberman, other assorted ninnies) - and lots of them - who get all pissed off when anything remotely sexual comes up. A company is using sex - gasp! - to sell to - oh no! - teenagers. To illustrate that point, Phil Burass:

"A clothing retailer is supposed to sell clothes. We think it is irresponsible to use sex to sell to teenagers."

You've got to be kidding me. You know, because without Abercrombie, teens wouldn't have any idea about sex. It'd be the furthest thing from their minds. Speaking of teens, there's the complaint about "teenage-looking" models. What the fuck? You can legally get naked for money at 18 and 19, and last I checked, those are teen ages. Besides, if it were up to me... Well, nevermind.

The really sad thing is that the Abercrombie quarterly wasn't even all that racy. Yeah, racy by some people's standards, but if you want to see "racy" I can show you some shit (and not just someone's hentai that's been hidden by his wife). ETP put it best when we got a look at one of those stupid quarterlies: "Um, yeah. This says triple-X on the cover, but I don't see any hardcore penetration shots."

I don't understand what's wrong with these people, other than they're stupid. I was thinking for a minute that maybe they're just a bunch of people who couldn't get any when they were younger and this is just some kind of backlash. But no, that can't be it. There are plenty of people (like me) who have, shall we say, difficulty, getting action, and those people aren't getting all bent out of shape over all this "provocative" material. Maybe it's just a response to the psychological damage of being molested by priests all those years. No, it's just religious ignorance. Ignorance that comes down from the pulpit and is then passed from generation to generation. You know, didn't God say to be fruitful and multiply? Why can't these assholes be consistent for once? I know, I know - that's asking a lot.

It's just so stupid. I mean, c'mon. Sex. Nearly everyone's favorite activity. Yet we're always doing so much to keep ourselves from it and make ourselves feel bad about it. Fuck that bullshit.

Now, I'm not advocating turning things into one huge fuck frenzy. That sounds nice in theory, but I'm really not a big fan of too many stupid people out there having kids. We already have way too much of that going on. So you know what? I'm actually okay with a lot of these people avoiding sex and anything sex-related like the plague. Just leave me and everyone else the fuck alone, would you please? I mean, that's one of the core issues for me and religion. It's not just that so many of faith are ignorant, they're ignorant and have to try and push their ignorance on everyone else. I have my own ignorant beliefs, thank you very much, and I really don't need any more.

About the only good thing about this particular case of lameness is that it's Abercrombie Fitch (hey, Fitch is always neglected, let's give he/she/it some love/hate) who's taking shit, and fuck them and their shitty trendy clothes. I do have to give them some credit for the West Virginia t-shirt, however. West Virginia? Sister fucking? Now that's some racy shit.

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