Monday, May 03, 2004

It's a fresh wind that blows against the Empire...

Fuck Star Wars. That's my main motivation for the title of this post. There's no fresh wind here; maybe a stale breeze at best.

The main point of this post is to let people know that in addition to the address, this worthless piece of shit is now accessible via or Like I said, the original URL still works, since I'm still hosting at blogspot and the new .net address is just a redirector. I've been thinking of moving the 'blog away from being hosted at, and thought this might be a decent way to make the transition a little easier when and if it does happen. Also, I wanted to snag the domain name before anyone else grabbed it seeing as how was already taken.

Speaking of hosting services, I've been looking at LiveRack, which is where I went to purchase the domain name. They seem to have decent pricing, which is looking good both for the 'blog and maybe some other shit I'd like to host. Anyone had any experience with LiveRack? Or any other hosting services that you'd recommend?

But otherwise, yeah, there's nothing new here. Just that I'm the proud owner of a new domain name, which has me out twelve bucks for the privilege. Woo hoo for me. If anybody tries it out and it doesn't work, then it's probably just because the right info hasn't propagated to whatever DNS server you happen to be using, but it should all be good relatively soon (it's working for me at this point, so that's a start).

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