Sunday, May 09, 2004

Oh no, not an e-mail!!!

Okay, I've been using the new Blogger for about 10-15 minutes and I FUCKING HATE IT. Why the hell did they have to go and screw with it? God damn it, this is Crapplebees all over again. Things were decent but not perfect, and now they're stupid.

I used to have everything I needed in one bloody window. Now, there are separate windows for creating new posts and editing old ones. I can't just post I have to post & publish. Publishing is slow as shit, probably due in part to that worthless little animation. Okay, maybe it's not all that slow, but it's still slower. No, you know what, I keep going back and making edits to this post, and every few attempts at posting it is horribly fucking slow. Also, it goes to a separate fucking display to tell me about the publishing status, forcing me to click on other shit to get back to posting. Then there's no easy little drop-down menu to switch between 'blogs, I have to go back to the Dashboard. God fucking damn you Blogger, why hast thou forsaken me? Someone's getting an e-mail.

I haven't poked around enough to see if there's anything really good about this setup. I hope to hell that there's some way I can go back to the old-school interface. It was simple and effective. But now, I've got pretty graphics! Fuck this stupid Mac mentality. Fuck your stupid graphics. God damn it this pisses me off.

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