Friday, May 21, 2004


Here's yet another thing I'm fucking sick and tired of: say anything bad about Team Bush, and you're putting American lives in danger. Yeah, that's right. Exercising rights to free speech - you know, the rights our soldiers are (in theory) literally dying to protect - is putting people in harm's way. As opposed to the people who authorized this war and put those people on the front lines in the first place. And I'm looking at you, Everybody. Congress, the American people, all of you fuckers.

Nancy Pelosi is an idiot, but I do applaud her for standing up and saying that Bush is a fucking retard. Okay, she didn't put it in BLM terms, but calling a (weakly) standing president incompetent is fucking balls. Maybe if more people with some kind of credibility start standing up and saying "You know, Bush is kinda fucking stupid," maybe it will actually start to sink in. But probably not.

The Ds are going to have to find a new course other than repeating their mantra that Bush's economic policies aren't working. I don't know fucking shit about economics (just like damn near everything else I talk about), partly because it's all arbitrary and inanely complex bullshit designed to be confusing to anyone who likes logic or common sense. As such, I have no real clue as to whether or not Bush's economic policies have actually helped cause the recent pickup in the economy. Considering that what goes down must come back up (at least from historical precedent), there's a good chance that it was just fucking time for things to get better, and Bush had nothing to do with it. All these tax cuts and big spending packages and other handouts to corporate fat cats quite possibly delayed an upturn, which is happening in spite of what Bush has done.

But you know what? I don't even know if the economy has really picked up or not. It's all a bunch of bullshit statistics that get "revised" anyway, so who knows what the hell is going on. If things aren't as rosy as we're being told they are, the Ds need to point out why. If Bush's economic policies are bad, they need to tell us why. Sure, it's all going to be bullshit anyway, but give us something besides one-line empty rhetoric for a change. I know, that is asking a lot from a group of politicians.

Note to Tom Delay: I am, right now, going to start planning a party for the day that you die. Seriously. Right fucking now. I don't know when that's going to happen, and I'm not going to do anything to bring the day closer, but when it finally arrives we are going to celebrate.

One quote to pick at:

"The San Francisco/Boston Democrats led by John Kerry have now adopted 'Blame America First' as their official policy."

Another thing I'm sick and tired of. But thanks for this wonderful nugget, Mr. Gillespie, former lobbyist extraordinaire for companies like Enron (just to name one). First off, this bullshit tag of "Boston/San Francisco Democrat." This label is clearly used with a negative undertone. Can someone explain to me what's so awful about Ds from San Fran or Boston? Oh, that's right - because that brings up the awful specter of things like gay marriage. Making statements like this is one of the most subtle and most disgusting rhetorical tools that fucking politicians use. Trying to make a link where none exists through mere implication.

How is it that the right can throw around things like "San Francisco Democrat" and "liberal" and get people to accept them as bad words, but the left can't throw around things like "Texas Republican" or "conservative" or "completely fucking ignorant dumbass right-winger" and have those statements carry any weight? Oh yeah - because even if a lot of conservatives are dumbasses, they have conviction and are willing to fight. Left-wingers, on the other hand, are pussies.

Explain to me what's so awful about a "Blame America First" policy. Shit, here in this country we tend to blame America last. Are we the only one causing problems in the world? Of course not. But we like to pretend that we're a force for nothing but good and can do no wrong. Basically, everyone in this county has the same view of this country that I did until about sixth grade (I was a slow learner). I remember the first Gulf War, and how I initially thought that we really were there to liberate Kuwait. Then someone said "We're only there for the oil." And that line resonated in my head, and things clicked: we're assholes. Not the only assholes, but still very big assholes.

I think we could do some good to start blaming ourselves first. You know, take some responsibility for things for a change. Even if something that goes down isn't necessarily our fault, at least it shows that we're actually trying to critically analyze what we're doing. And hey, if it turns out we did fuck something up, we're on top of things. A little pre-emptive strike if you will. And hey, it might actually get our actions to line up with our rhetoric. Maybe it would even help make this country into the country we've convinced ourselves that it already is.

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