Thursday, May 20, 2004

Stupid American voice actress has overinflated sense of self-worth

As already hit upon by ETP, we ended up spending very little time at ACen. This wasn't exactly a surprise. We knew how much shit we wanted to do while in Chicago, and we had a feeling that con time would suffer as a result. We didn't care.

After getting there on Friday, we shopped for a couple of hours and then left. We made note of a few things we wanted to do on Saturday, which is typically the big day for conventions anyway. Saturday actually saw us getting up around 8 AM, which is quite a feat for all of us. But I'll always get up if there's a good reason for it.

Once we arrived, we went to what turned out to be the only ACen event that we were going to attend: the Excel Saga panel. This panel consisted of the series director, character designer, and screenwriter. Oh, and some stupid fucking white people who worked on the English dub.

The people who do dubs are pretty much the worst humans ever. I'd go as far as to say that they're sub-human. I mean, how much would it suck for your life to be so empty and meaningless. Doing all that shit for something that sounds like crap and is nothing but a bastardization. All for people who are too fucking lazy to read subtitles and who are so petty that they get bent over cultural jokes that they don't understand. Yes, I'm petty too, but I'm also right.

Just for the record, the above doesn't apply to Amanda Winn Lee. Yes, she's an American voice actress, but she's funny. So I'll give her a pass. Hey, my rules, dooshe.

The real humans on the panel were pretty fucking amusing. You'd pretty much expect this from the people responsible for Excel Saga. Watanabe Shinichi (or Shinichi Watanabe if you want to kick it Western school) AKA Nabeshin is fucking nuts. Again, just what you'd expect. It made for a pretty entertaining hour.

Entertaining with no thanks to above mentioned stupid white people. There were two voice actors and the director (I think). Monica Rial was one of the voice actors, and fucking Christ was she a stupid bitch. She kept making all these jokes that weren't funny that the whole audience insisted on laughing at. It's like, look, lady. You're not funny. Don't pay any attention to these fucking dorks who are unnecessarily inflating your ego. They don't often see women, and as such would still be laughing even if they saw you sodomizing their own mothers with a DVD boxset of Excel Saga.

Despite the fact that people were making Monica feel way better about herself than she deserved, the white people were thankfully marginalized for the most part. There was one point where the panel moderator specifically asked the audience if there were any questions for the white people since they weren't getting any. I liked that, at least until it encouraged the white people to talk some more. Things were so quiet for them, though, that even the white people were asking the Japanese guys questions. I'm just glad that the 'fro has enough presence to carry an entire panel like that.

So yup, that was pretty much the extent of our time at ACen. We thought about going to the Read or Die panel but didn't. We were kind of interested in the costume contest and the music video contest but ended up saying "fuck it." We shopped some more after the Excel Saga panel, then got the hell out of Rosemont and never looked back.

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