Monday, May 31, 2004

This here shows one of the biggest problems with liberals: no sense of organization. Conservatives get shit done (they "get up for breakfast" as Bill Maher says) while liberals either just sit there or run themselves in circles.

I haven't listened to a whole lot of Air America radio. Partly because it's not yet airing on any radio stations here so that I can listen during the day at work when I typically listen to radio. This leaves me to listen to it online, and I usually just plain forget.

The only show I've listened to so far is The O'Franken Factor, a show which offers exactly what you'd expect from the author of The Liberal Operations Bible (AKA Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations). Which isn't bad, because I like Al Franken. Die hard liberal for sure, but he's funny.

The rest of the network is also far from fair & balanced, but that's perfectly okay since there was never any bullshit pretense about being anything but left-wing. It's got some pretty entertaining stuff, which garners points in my book. I'm all for anyone who can do whatever they want to do and be funny about it. It's entertainment. In the end, that's what news and talk radio is about. Their primary function isn't to inform, it's to entertain.

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