Wednesday, May 26, 2004

This pisses me off. I'm not a huge fan of letting criminals choose their own punishment. You fucked up, so we're going to put your life in someone else's hands. They're probably an idiot too, but it does make it all kind of sporting.

The way I see it, keeping this guy alive was great. The asshole is a convicted child molester, and he's unhappy with his situation. That's fine by me. We all know where kiddie rapers fit into the prison hierarchy, so I can't imagine why he'd be unhappy. Amongst the murderers, thieves, and other criminals, child sex offenders are the lowest of the low. Furthermore, they are treated accordingly. I always say we should just kill sex criminals, but when I know that they have lots and lots of anal rape and whatnot out ahead of them, I kinda like that even better. So if he was unhappy with his situation, good. Also, if he's pissed off and killing other criminals, even better. If he's going after other murderers and rapists, that's a fucking good deal. Everyone wins. He's miserable with his situation, and at the same time is killing a bunch of other assholes. Not only do they deserve to die, but their deaths are helping save us taxpayers some money.

But yeah, leave it up to Florida to ruin a good thing by giving a child molester what he wants. Injection happy assholes. I'm a fan of capital punishment, but let's be a little more discriminatory.

When it comes to punishing criminals, I'm ironically somewhat Biblical and - dare I say - rather conservative. For one, I don't give a shit about deterrence. I'm out for revenge. Incarcerating and executing criminals doesn't do shit to stop other people from committing heinous crimes, but at least those who are convicted get their due. Also, fuck this tree-hugging nonsense about rehabilitation. You fuck up enough, we really don't need you. In fact, we're better off without you.

My guess is that I will be singing a much different tune once I'm in jail for something, but such is life.

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