Monday, June 21, 2004

Another one of those "could be cool" type things, even though I still think that they should just leave it alone for awhile. I never got into B5, partly because I admittedly just didn't give it much of a chance, but that stems from the fact that I (you may think somewhat oddly) don't really care for sci-fi as a genre. Still, I know that B5 had a definite following, and some new blood with new ideas might help the damn near 40-year-old franchise. Or not.

I just hope that Enterprise finally tanks this coming season, with all due apologies to Scott Bakula and Tripp. The new Friday night time slot might help that along. But then again, Enterprise's core audience is probably at home and alone on Friday nights or with other dorks anyways (just like Wednesdays), so maybe it won't have a huge impact. Another thing that will be interesting is that the show's budget was slashed to $800K per episode, well under the original (I think) $1.7 million budget or even Next Gen's $1 million per episode price tag (which is in late 80s dollars, so it's even worse when you take into account inflation). I guess we'll see.

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