Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Hey, I'm all for 11-year-olds dressing more modestly. No, really. Especially ones like Ella, because she's not all that hot. Okay, seriously now. It should definitely be another one to two years before they start dressing like whores to attract lechers like me. So much for "serious." Or, well, fuck it. Nevermind.

While reading that article, I kept saying to myself "Where is it. Where is it."

... with 37 other girls belonging to a Roman Catholic youth organization.

There it is. I just knew that something like this had Jesus behind it. I can't help it; even if it's a good cause, finding out that religion is what's driving it just kind of ruins things for me. Okay, not all the time. There is, of course, the irony of how I complain about the religious being uptight and all, but if not for them, we wouldn't have Catholic schoolgirls and those wonderful outfits. Like I said before, there's always tradeoffs.

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