Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I just can't understand why I get so many pedophiles coming here via Google

Just since we like to build on themes - especially when it comes to sex with kids - here's another story. Hey, at least this one's about sex with an underage boy for a change. Let it never be said that Fuck everything isn't fair & balanced. Whatever. Oh, and as far as that 14-year-old boy is concerned, he is a fucking hero to so many guys right now, guys of all ages. Even if that teacher is pretty fucking scary looking.

Here's what JFR had to say about it:

Middle school teacher Debra Lefave has turned herself into authorities to face charges on having sex with a 14-year old student. She was already facing other charges for having sex with the same kid. Apparently, they are touching her up with additional charges because this time she went to see the boy who was visiting his cousin, and they drove around while she gave him a piece. The 15-year old cousin drove her car around Ocala, FL, while the two of them got after it in the back. Then, the student says that they stopped at a Best Buy electronics store so she could buy her husband a Ipod. Well, that was nice of her. Good to see that she is still thinking about her husband back at home.

She may be tagging her students, but at least she is buying him some nice gifts. And how do you think that old man feels? He isn't able to get business taken care of at home, and she has to go to the playground to get satisfied? That's no good. That has to be a little damaging to the self esteem. The student has also detailed her lower anatomy "in detail" so the cops believe his story. He was also caught bragging in school that he was having sex with a "hot teacher". Nice.

Nothing like having a 14 year old going out to recess and telling everyone that he is getting some from a teacher. And I am sure no one believed him, right up until the point that Lefave was arrested. Again, I'll ask the question. Where were these teachers when I was a student? All of my teachers were fat old bats that had nothing to offer. This kid is getting with the hot blonde teacher? And they are arresting her? For what? Making the kids life? Making him the most popular kid in school? So maybe she has totally taken his innocence and distorted his view of sex and reality for the rest of his life. At least he got to roll with that in the back of the car for a few weeks. Give him credit for that.

My guess, though, is that this kid will never bemoan his "loss" of innocence. And his view of reality will only be distorted until he realizes that he can't get any like so many other guys. Unless, of course, if he's able to capitalize on this momentum.

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