Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Not often, but every now and then...

Another thing I hate: when judges try to get all smart and cleaver with their sentences. Get over yourself. If you really want to punish someone for mistreating horses, just lock the person up in a room with those horses and let the horses have their way with that person (if you know what I mean). Because, let's face it, that's some hot shit right there.

Okay, now back to commentary and jokes that shouldn't make most of you sick. Look, this is a woman from Baytown, Texas living in a mobile home. Now, I'm not saying that just because you live in a mobile home in Baytown that you're low class, but if you live in a mobile home in Baytown you're low class. Bread and water for three days was probably a fucking feast for this woman. Oh, and I'm sure that putting pictures of the horses in her jail cell will do wonders. I have no doubt that she'll be all better once her thirty days are up.

Bonus points if you're not ETP and not Jared and you can pick up the reference in this post's title.

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