Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I wonder what Kevin Smith has to say about all of this. I just hope they don't screw the show up somehow. Play "Freebird" and make it sound like it does on the album.

"It was moved around and put on Thursday night against `Friends,' a difficult time period in which it never grew. But we loved the show's irreverence. I thought it was wild. It's very in-your-face humor. Very bold."

Liar. If you thought the show was so great and had so much potential, you would have worked to put it in a better, consistent time slot. You canned the show and then you realized that you done fucked up when it turned out that the show was wildly popular. Whatever; just so long as it's back and doesn't suck. Also, let's hope that American Dad doesn't turn out to be Seth MacFarlane's That's My Bush!.

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