Monday, July 19, 2004

It's been kind of a strange few weeks. Not long ago, I was forced to come out in support of Dick Cheney for telling someone to go fuck themselves on the floor of the Senate. Of course, it wasn't long before I was back to being pissed off at Cheney, because he wouldn't just own up to it. Now, I feel compelled to back Governor Arnold for his choice in words. Sorta.

This, to me, is not offensive because it's homophobic or sexist. It's offensive to me in that the governor of one of our biggest states is FUCKING QUOTING SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE in taking a gubernatorial stance on an issue. This is just beyond embarassing. As if the "governator" and "collectinator" and all the other bullshit wasn't bad enough. But, hey, it's not like there was any reasonable expectation that it would stop once he got into office.

Considering the context, this was just a harmless joke being made. I can kind of see the sexism complaints. Implying that guys who don't do X, Y, or Z are effeminate and weak just like women blah blah blah. This is not that big of a deal. Hey, I'm a girly man myself in many regards, and I don't find these kinds of comments offensive.

As far as homophobic goes, that's a bit of a stretch. Yeah, there is an unfortunate association often made in our society between "girly men" and homosexuals, but I just do not think that this is where Arnold was going. Now had he called the Democrats in the California legislature a bunch of "fucking ball licking faggats and cunt munching whores" (sic) like our friend Jeremy might if he were in that position, now THAT would be fucking homophobic.

Yes, there is way too much sexism and homophobia in our society, but random offhand comments and jokes are not the crux of the matter. Yeah, they don't exactly help, and I know I'm guilty of doing shit like that all the time, but lighten the fuck up.

"If they complain too much about this, I guess they're making the governor's point."

I've gotta say that that response is pretty funny. Don't back off (even though they did with v 2.0 of the speech), and don't puss out when it comes to free shit to drink.

"She's a young girl who knows the governor and really likes him a lot and didn't find the term to be a positive term, and finds it to be derogatory."

She finds it to be derogatory? Sounds like someone is doing a little projecting here. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't see that many 13-year-olds giving that much of a shit about what the governor has to say.

"... but I think it really is beneath Gov. Schwarzenegger."

Considering that Arnold has posed for pictures with his body oiled up, I don't think much of anything is beneath him. Hey, if you've wanna get oiled up that's your business, but quite frankly, the whole exercise strikes me as kind of gay.

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