Friday, July 09, 2004

Nice guy. What a fucked up little story this is.

I like the California Assemblyman, Mervyn Dymally, getting all pissed until he finds out the girl is white. Look, I understand how things are in many ways made worse if this situation is a rich white man insulting a little black girl. But is it not still really fucking awful when it's any adult saying something like this to a child?

Just don't do shit like this. And if you, do, do it in private, for chrissakes. You shouldn't make fun of kids like that, not to their faces. Do what I do and talk about them behind their backs, like a real man. Unless, of course, if the kid really, really deserves it.

Okay, back to being serious, if only for a minute.

"I'm wondering if maybe he had the flu or a cold and was taking some medication or something that affected him, because this doesn't make sense."

What? Do any of you out there ever get fucked up on cold medication, go out to read to some children, and then end up making fun of said children? I'm thinking maybe there is something wrong with this guy, and it's not Tylenol Cold & Sinus.

"Why should a man who has a lifetime of doing charitable work for children resign over one unfortunate remark that he quickly apologized for?"

I don't know whether or not the guy should resign, although you've gotta question if someone who snaps like this should be in charge of kids in any way. But why do we always act like an "apology" magically fixes everything? Yeah, maybe the guy really did feel bad for what he did, or maybe -- just maybe -- he was apologizing because he HAD to. We are all about the token apology and pretending that it washes everything away. Fuck that; motive matters.

Finally, you know what "Isis" really means? It means best fucking restaurant ever. If you're ever in Vegas and have the urge to splurge on a good meal, hit Isis over at Luxor. A friend of mine and I managed to win a decent amount of money playing craps on one trip, so we decided to put some of that money to good use. It was well worth it. I would just live in that meal for the rest of my life if I could.

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