Friday, July 02, 2004

Nice to see that Bill Cosby is done being a "pushover mom."

Hey, all throughout that CNN article, there's a word they keep censoring as 'n-----.' It's really bothering me because I don't know what the word is and I'm too dumb to figure it out.

God, I am so sick of this kind of stupid bullshit. As if somehow people are going to think CNN is racist for quoting someone who used the word 'nigger.' I mean, Jesus Christ, they're even quoting someone who's using it in a completely non-racist way. But, yeah. Some people (guilty white liberals) probably would call CNN racist if they just printed the word. Some would probably call me racist just for peeling away those dashes. Some people are really fucking stupid. Hey, maybe CNN is racist and I'm racist and we're all fucking racists, but if we are it's not just because we printed a word.

We, of course, do this with other words, typically swear words. It's really two different uses of the same technique - one because we're uptight fucking cunts, the other because we're somehow trying to pretend that by covering up racist words we can cover up racism itself. In the end, it's a symptom of the same disease - bullshitting ourselves. Does anyone see 'f---' or 'n-----' or whatever printed somewhere and not know what the underlying word is? Does anyone hear "f-dash-dash-dash" in their head as they read as opposed to "fuck"?

Oh, and don't EVEN give me any fucking crap about "the children."

Why we waste time with this nonsense is beyond me. Oh, well, except for the fact that Americans have a hard time dealing with reality, so we run from it whenever we can. Hey, escapism is one thing, but this is something completely different. Grow the fuck up.

Hmmm, I honestly didn't mean to get off on such a rant here. I just wanted to push the "Bill Cosby" inside joke when an opportunity arose. But while we're on the subject of racism, I think we need a racist term to describe humans. One all-encompassing word or phrase that degrades us all. I think that could do wonders to bring us all together. Personally, I'm a big fan of Megatron's use of "flesh creatures." But again, that's just me.

"White nigger."
- One of Chris Rock's suggestions for new racist names for white people

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