Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Playboy is getting women who work at Home Depot to take it off. All I really have to say to that is, okay. Enron, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and now the HD. It's gettin' kinda fucking old. The Wal-Mart one was funny for about six seconds when Playboy people were running around talking about how they were inviting the women of Wal-Mart to "rollback their clothes." It was also funny how it pissed Wal-Mart off, a response which I find unsurprising and utterly retarded. If a company I owned had a bunch of its employees posing for Playboy, I wouldn't be pissed. I'd be, like, "Fuck, we have women here who Playboy wants to get naked? Where the fuck have I been?" The answer being, of course, that I was in my office all the time avoiding contact with everyone.

I seem to remember that the Wal-Mart pictorial wasn't all that stellar once you got past the minor amusement factor. For some of them it was like, yeah, she's hot... For a Wal-Mart employee. That's not really saying a whole lot. Kinda on par with saying, yeah, she's smart... For a girl.

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