Monday, July 05, 2004

The thing I hate most about the American political arena is that, in the end, everyone sucks. Everyone is owned by someone, everyone answers to someone else, everyone has someone else they back down to. Even John McCain. Look, I can understand why McCain might not join a ticket with John Kerry. McCain is, after all, still a Republican. A Republican with plenty of views that are in stark contrast to what one would consider D values.

But does John McCain really need to be kissing Bush's ass? If anyone has an excuse to hate Bush, it's McCain. Yeah, lots of people have lots of good reasons to hate Bush, but McCain is right up there. After all the shit Team Bush did to slander McCain in the 2000 primaries, McCain could pretty much tell Bush to fuck off whenever he asks for some kind of favor and everyone would be like "Yeah, that's about right."

Of course, McCain isn't going to go Dick Cheney on Bush, but still. Can't he at least politely bow out when someone suggests he go out and stump for Bush?

Okay, maybe I'm being a little hard on McCain here. After all, TB knows how to put fucking pressure on people. Maybe getting McCain to campaign for Bush is more of a credit to TB's powers of persuasion than a statement of McCain's pussitude. Even if he is a pussy when it comes to Bush, he's still much less of a pussy than everyone else when it comes to other stuff.

Speaking of McCain, Ted Rall had a good column a couple of weeks back as to just how stupid Democrats (and just people on the left in general, I'd say - myself included) have been with the excitement over getting McCain to run with Kerry. That's how bad it's gotten, though. The left is so fucking weak that we're actually looking to the other side for help. It always comes down to the fact that, yeah, McCain is definitely a Republican, but at least he's not Bush. And even if he backs down to Bush, he still has way more balls than, well, nearly anyone. Definitely more balls than anyone in the Democratic party. Okay, it's at least a contest when you bring Hillary into the picture, but that's about it.

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