Saturday, August 28, 2004

I don't know if I approve of this new Blogger bar or not, what with it's "next blog" button that sends you off to some random shithole (like, say, mine). That's right: I don't know if I approve, and as we all know, my opinion matters and people care and shit. Hell, I know Blogger cares, like when I wrote to tell them how much the new Blogger interface sucks when it debuted several months back and they sent me a response that so totally wasn't a form letter or anything.

On one hand, I keep getting "next blog" hits from other 'blogs that show up in my referral log, and they're making it a pain in the ass to know if it's someone who actually linked me or if it's just a random hit. Sure, I could just wait six seconds and then try and dig it out of the mess on Technorati if indeed it's a true link, but I have no patience for shit like that, especially when my pathetic ego needs to know right now if some stranger has linked me.

On the other hand, I did get a random hit from this site. I'm sure that if whoever got here via that 'blog was also a born Republican, they were real thrilled with what they found here. Sure, I do a decent amount of ripping on Kerry and the Left in general, but I'm still a self-proclaimed pussy liberal who hates Bush way more than Kerry.

Also, just in case anyone else gets here through some right-winger's site, fuck Jesus Christ. More appropriately, fuck his followers. Who wants lobster?!

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