Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It's looking more and more like something fairly drastic needs to be done. Don't do it right now during the RNC, but fucking do something. Personally, I, who doesn't know shit about shit, thinks that they need to beg Clinton to do what he can. Not Clinton's people, Clinton himself. Mix in some Hillary. What would the Clintons do? I don't fucking know, but they're fucking smart, and they're the only ones in the entire goddamn party that I have some faith in. It's probably too late for even the Clintons to do anything, but shit, we don't have much else.

If Bush does get any kind of sizable jump in the polls (yeah, those worthless polls), then it may be time to do something else: gamble. Part of the reason why we're staring down the face of this shit is because the Ds are perpetually playing it safe. Ted Rall put it best in a recent comic, and that's really about it.

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