Thursday, August 26, 2004

So it goes. You watch -- John Kerry has been harmed the most by 527 ads, and Bush is going to turn stopping 527s into his crusade. Well played, Sperm Brother.

It's continually sad to see John McCain used as nothing more than a fucking pawn by both the left and the right. The left uses him because they have no real strong leaders on their side, and McCain (oftentimes) plays along since he's moderate by nature and a friend of Kerry's. The right uses him since they're so fucking far right, shadowy, and dirty that they need a moderate, recognizable, and respected voice. McCain plays along with them because they've either somehow blackmailed him or he's just not as cool as we all thought. Either way, can't I just have a fucking hero for once without someone ruining it?

And while John Kerry is far from any kind of hero to me, this Swift Boat bullshit just makes me angrier every goddamn time it comes up, which is about every six seconds now. I realize I'm not helping matters by making a bunch of posts on it, but what the fuck.

The whole thing is ridiculous. I mean, really. The notion that John Kerry lied to get three Purple Hearts, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star is simply inane. Anyone who buys this on its face is fucking retarded. Am I saying that it's impossible for Kerry to have lied? Of course not -- none of us were there, and we don't know what the fuck happened. But it's not like John Kerry was in charge of the Navy back then and subsequently gave himself those awards; they were awarded to him. Higher-ups had to be responsible for making the decisions to give him those awards. I could see maybe bullshitting yourself to one or two decorations, but five? That'd be pretty fucking impressive work to pull that off.

And you know what? Even if -- IF -- John Kerry did lie his way to all those medals, it's, like I said, impressive, even if it's in a sick way. Maybe someone who can pull that kind of shit off has the credentials to be president. After all, we like liars and smooth operators when choosing a president. Dubya is a liar and he damn near got elected, and Clinton was a liar and a smooth operator and he got elected twice. In the end, even if the Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth" really are out to tell the truth (as opposed to being bitter, old assholes), I can find a way to work it in Kerry's favor. How's that for positive thinking?

Speaking of credentials, I'm still sick and tired of the notion that Kerry is, to borrow a theme of the Swift Boat group, unfit for command. Name five ways that dubya was fit for command when he took office. Shit, name five ways that Dubya is fit for command right now. See? No one can do it. Of course, with Bush, HE'S NOT EVEN IN CHARGE; everyone "under" him is. Yes, I know, like everything else here we've been over this about a billion times. But George W. Bush is fucking retarded, and I will never stop harping on that.

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