Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Worthless Shockshit

If this post doesn't get credit as such, I don't know what will.

I've gotta come to Bush's defense on this one. Let me repeat that, just since it doesn't sound right: I'm gonna back Bush on this issue.

Now, you can make the case that Bush is responsible for lots of deaths, but he's not specifically setting out to kill a lot of those people (probably). Lots of those deaths just result from Bush's greed or arrogance or ignorance or indifference or whatever. But I'm pretty sure that he didn't decide at one point that he's just going to wipe out one group of people.

And, let's face it, Bush just doesn't have his shit together like Hitler did. Hey, you don't have to like what Hitler did, but you can't deny that the guy got shit done. Anyone who can take power like that and then plunge the entire world into total war while murdering millions is clearly accomplishing something. He must have had a day planner or something. Like I said, what he accomplished wasn't good, but the guy had goals and he was smart enough to work towards them. He was true evil genius. As opposed to Bush, who's nothing more than a figurehead who's bumbling his way through his reign in office.

Well, okay, Hitler wasn't that smart. Look, I'm all for killing a bunch of people, but you're specializing way too much if you're picking one religious or ethnic group for extermination. Now if, say, you were going out to eliminate all the stupid people, that's something I could get on board with. Hitler: right idea, wrong people.

Let's dig this hole a little deeper, shall we? I came up with my first idea for stupid people genocide a long time ago. Well, okay, "stupid people genocide" sounds a little harsh. I prefer to think of it as "intellectual cleansing." Anyway, my first idea for getting rid of stupid people came many years ago, and it's really quite simple: build a huge cage, load it up with stupid people, and drop the cage into the ocean. And you know, I came up with this idea back when I was still marginally happy and not totally disillusioned, so you can imagine where I'm at now.

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