Thursday, September 09, 2004

Alright, so the 9/11 anniversary is coming up. I know, dooode, you nearly totally forgot about it! Because it hasn't gotten any coverage lately (The Onion put it most succinctly in this week's edition).

Here's my challenge to everyone out there: just avoid as much media coverage as you can. TV, radio, newspapers, whatever. No, I'm not trying to be all clever with some kind of boycott here. A) The six people who read this site aren't a big enough force to make any kind of impact and B) even if I did reach what you could call a "sizable audience," a one-day boycott isn't going to do a fucking thing in terms of "hitting them where it hurts." Can we get another bullshit phrase in quotes here? "Sure."

No, don't do it to be clever or to have a meaningless impact, do it for the same reason I do it every 9/11: for your own sanity. Go do something productive and non-exploitative: look at some porn, shoot someone in the ass with a dart gun, molest a child, do what you gotta do. Just don't blame me if you do something stupid like, say, molest a child.

Oh, but wait! We have to "Remember." Yeah, because we're all going to forget that horrific day that changed oh-so-much without some dipshit redneck's or soccer mom's bumpersticker. Or, in case if that's not enough, wall-to-fucking-wall coverage containing images that are already burned into our fucking minds.

Yeah, this Saturday, I'm out. In fact, I think I'll "celebrate" by going out and doing one thing that 9/11 was supposed to teach us to migrate away from but in the end didn't: I'm going to hang out with my friends making fun of America and being a selfish, self-centered, consumer asshole. Nevermind the fact that Bush himself advocated going out and being a consumer asshole in the wake of 9/11. Whaddya want from that guy, leadership and inspiration?

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