Friday, September 10, 2004

He came here a boy, and left a man

Since some sissy was playing Sims -- ERRR -- doing homework, tonight was boys' night out . For once, it was actually spent out, as opposed to just sitting around at someone's house playing videogames. Okay, there was some Kart action towards the end of the night, but that was after the running around. And what did we do while we were out? Drive.

First up with ETP's RSX. Since I'm still shaky on a real manual, I toyed around with it for awhile. Then the real fun (mostly for him, some for me) began. See, where I live, I'm on the edge of some farm country. Which means there are lots of straight, narrow roads that aren't patrolled by cops. He got her up to 110 and... Yeah. That just sounded pretty. Felt neat, too. You could tell just by the wet spots in both our pants.

Next up was the Audi. Yeah, I've still got the PussyStick Wagon. Of course, that thing doesn't have the raw power of the RSX. It can move pretty well, but it's still fucking crippled thanks to the automatic, even especially with Audi's PussyStick implementation. Instead of speed trials, it was time to try out the handling. Hey, I don't have all-wheel drive on a regular basis, so fuck it. Let's try out some windy roads. Oh, and throw in hand brake turns just for good measure.

Hey, even if we were being... Somewhat reckless, we're still the smart kids. We're out where no one else is, and we saved the drinking for afterwards. Now I just need to get myself a fast car with a real transmission and actually learn to drive the fucking thing, and we can troll around town fucking with high-schoolers in their souped-up rigs. Yeah, that won't end badly.

Ahhh... Hot engines and warm tires. Nothing quite like it.

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