Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I'm not living in my car for a year, though; fuck that shit

I woke up at about 2 AM Tuesday morning starving. You remember that Onion Point/Counterpoint "I am so starving"? Yeah, I am so starving. I realized why -- because on Sunday I had waffles for breakfast and quite possibly nothing for lunch or dinner; then on Monday I had waffles for breakfast, pretzels as a snack around dinner time, and a Lean Pocket later on at night. I'm usually good about keeping myself fed (this was an exception -- gotta throw that in in case my mother ends up reading this), but this wasn't so good.

Of course, I've got my excuses. On Sunday, I worked. This is no big deal for many out there, but I usually don't have to work weekends. I ended up getting home late and just wasn't hungry at all, plus I had to get up early on Monday for the beginning of (what should be) a couple of very busy months. I put in like 11 hours on Monday and got home late once again. I wanted to write up the first draft of my contribution to our first Spike Lee Joint; if I hadn't been busy with that I would have mixed some chips in with that Lean Pocket.

So I'm sitting there at 2 AM in my dining room stuffing myself with bread, oatmeal, and Gatorade, and I have an epiphany on my starvation: I am suffering for my art. My job and my 'blog, which for me are my worthless, shitty art that no one cares about. Well, okay, some of the people at work care about what I do, but no one considers it art (even though my primary job function is a kind of nerdy art, but I'll spare you the details for now). The 'blog, on the other hand, is at least writing, and there have been at least a couple of writers who were considered artists. Like that one guy, the other guy... And that bitch who killed herself. But virtually no one gives a shit about my 'blog, 'cept for ETP, BOETP and I since it's pretty much written for us (as opposed to the critics) and maybe a handful of others.

You know, I'm just going to keep rambling on about personal bullshit until the rest of the world gets interesting again. Aren't we due to start another war soon or something? I should be careful what I wish for, and I certainly shouldn't joke about things like that, because it'll happen and I don't want get drafted. But yeah, same shit, different day. Even -- especially -- around here.

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