Thursday, September 02, 2004

Like usual, I was probably panicking for nothing last night. But, you know, that's what I do. We'll just have to see what happens in the aftermath of the convention. So far, some more leftist outlets are just dismissing Zell Miller. Cheney, again, was just doing what he was expected to do.

Al Franken has been going after Zell Miller and other shit from the convention all morning, so at least one liberal out there is getting after it. Yeah, of course, there's all kinds of talk about the bitter demeanor that Miller put forth, but also a point-by-point counterargument of what was said in the speech. Hopefully we'll see more of this over the next couple of days to rebut the bullshit coming out of the RNC. After that, phase two. This is no Underpants Gnomes bullshit, we know what phase two is: going on the attack. Do what you were too afraid to do at the DNC. Do what the Republicans scared you away from doing, only so that they could turn around and do that, do exactly that, at their convention.

Also, if there is any kind of fallout from this Zell Miller shit for the Democrats, it seems like there's an easy way to not only put it to rest, but fully turn it in their favor: interview the guy. From the sounds of it, if you get a microphone in his grill and start asking some even remotely left-leaning questions, he will fucking come unhinged. Al Franken played a clip of Chris Matthews (who still needs a good cock punching) questioning Miller after last night's speech, and, not surprisingly, Miller started ranting and raving. He was so pissed at Matthews, whose questions weren't tough or offensive, that he even said he wished we still lived in the days where you could challenge a man to a duel. Again, not like this comes as any surprise if you saw the speech last night, but that right there is the ticket out if the Democrats need it.

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