Friday, September 03, 2004

One of the neat things about the past few weeks has been that Maureen Dowd has been out making the rounds on the talk shows. I thought that run was over, but she showed up on Newsnight last night. Of course, this all means that columns are few and far between, but, yeah, tradeoffs.

God damn it I love Maureen Dowd. And not in that bullshit way that I "love" the Bush twins; this is real (just in case this hadn't gotten "schoolboy crush" enough for 'ya). Maybe she doesn't come across as smart to others since I'm A) often inclined to agree and B) not that smart or savvy on things myself, and maybe she doesn't come across as funny since others have no sense of humor. But man, if I ever find myself a Maureen, we will rule the fucking world. You know, that, or, sit around and complain about everything and make fun of everyone. One of the two.

Meanwhile, Paul Krugman (my backup in case Maureen won't marry me) has mostly been stuck in the office.

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