Sunday, September 05, 2004

Yeah, and fuck them for performing a function that might save my life someday

I don't think there's anything I hate more in this world than home smoke detectors. Let's face it; those things are fuckin' worthless. I mean, really. Has one ever gone off in your house for a legitimate reason? I didn't think so.

Alright, fine. It's nice "just in case." That's not what I'm really pissed about, I'm just making shit up to bolster my case. No, what pisses me off is the battery. Why the fuck do those things lose their charge? Shouldn't it just be in there as a back-up for in case the power goes out? Unless your power company is supremely shitty, the fucking thing should be running off of AC pretty much non-stop. So again, why the fuck is the battery getting run-down? Sounds like a a conspiracy between smoke detector manufacturers and battery companies to me. Don't give me any shit; I know there's dirty shit afoot when it comes to battery companies. Why the fuck else would so many electronic devices require three batteries, when batteries always come in minimum-sized packs of two or four? I'm a EE; I know they could work on that shit.

I also hate those fucking things because they're timed to run low on battery life at a time when you're asleep. They'll never start that annoying fucking beeping when you're perfectly alert and wide awake; no, they want you to get up on a ladder when you're still too groggy to even focus and see yourself in the mirror. Fuckers.

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