Thursday, September 30, 2004

You liberals should be ashamed of yourselves for calling Iyad Allawi a "puppet." He is a courageous man who's fighting for the people of his country! Oh, wait, maybe you're saying that because he IS a puppet.

Even if Team Bush didn't write a good deal of the speech, does it matter? Anyone who thinks about things for, I dunno, more than three seconds knows that Allawi is far from an objective source. Yeah, the former CIA operative is going to criticize the people who gave him his current job and say things that will make them look bad. People in that position typically bite the hand that feeds them, especially when that hand is occupying their fucking country.

Shit, if nothing else, he's kissing ass so that a year or two down the road he doesn't have to pop up every once in awhile like Hamid Karzai saying "Please don't forget about us (even though you already have...)!" Of course, Afghanistan was just an unwanted bump in the road to get to what the administration had wanted to do way before 9/11 -- Iraq -- so I doubt they'd just ditch Iraq as well. But you never know with those fuckers.

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