Sunday, October 17, 2004

The final debate was last week. Yank yank, squirt squirt. I've been meaning to post on it, but just didn't care. I hate to say this, but I thought Bush actually won that one. I thought he did pretty good, and not just pretty good for Bush. It seemed like he had a quick and effective response to a lot of what Kerry had to say, and Kerry either countered weakly or didn't counter at all on a lot of stuff. Kerry seemed more evasive than usual. Some of his non-response responses were, well, Bush-like. Kerry never seemed to fall into any kind of groove like you'd expect since this was the debate on domestic issues, which was supposed to be his area to shine.

Now, I'm not saying that Kerry didn't do pretty well. It just wasn't quite what I was expecting. Maybe I'm once again being extra hard on Kerry since I'm expecting him to just tear ass since I know he's much more thoughtful, much better informed, and overall just smarter than Bush. By now, though, I should know that he's not just going to go all-out like I'm hoping for; that's just what we're stuck with in politics these days from both sides.

I was rather surprised when there was a lot of opinion floating around out there that Kerry was the clear winner in the debate. I was thinking, okay, maybe it's just because I'm not that smart. Once ETP and I got a chance to talk it over, though, we were pretty much in agreement (odd since that never happens), so at least I wasn't the only one. But we seemed to be pretty much the only ones who were thinking that.

If indeed we are right and Bush did do better, then I realized that something interesting might be happening. Maybe, just maybe, after all this time of buying into Bush's bullshit, people are finally starting to buy into Kerry's bullshit. Yes, I think Kerry is full of shit. They're all full of shit; I just happen to find Bush's bullshitting way more dangerous than, well, just about anyone else's.

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