Monday, October 11, 2004

Oh, hey, the second debate between Droopy and Dumbass was last Friday. And, yeah. Nobody wins. I thought Kerry did decently well, but I felt like he had some momentum building during the first part of the debate that he never capitalized on. Bush was, well, Bush. Not as bad as in the first debate, but "not looking like a complete fucking retard" isn't exactly something to be proud of.

Kerry did have some great lines, though, like when he referred to the Clear Skies Act as being "Orwellian" in name. Now, I realize that the average dumbshit voter probably doesn't know what the hell "Orwellian" means, but that kind of stuff still gets me fired up. Hearing him say that, I was like, damn. Maybe we can win this thing. But probably not.

I also liked when Bush was talking about how sanctions against Iraq weren't working, and then Kerry immediately follows up by showing that they were working, as the whole idea was to get Saddam to disarm and, lo and behold, Saddam was disarmed. I know this is a really simple thing, but I've been waiting at least a fucking year for someone to slam Bush on that bullshit.

Another great line was when they were arguing about parental notification for when an underage girl has an abortion. Bush comes out for it, thinking he's going to make Kerry look bad, and Kerry comes back with something along the lines of "I'm not going to require a fifteen-year-old girl who's been raped by her father to notify her father that she's going to have an abortion." That was not only a well-delivered line, but it's also the exact right response to that issue.

Like I said, though, in the end no one really came out that far ahead. I guess the worthless opinion polls are giving Kerry an edge, but that's irrelevant. Kerry had some momentum going into the second debate, and being much smarter than Bush, he should have made the most of it and fucking buried Bush. I'm glad that Kerry got a boost from the first debate, but he needs all the help that he can get coming down to what will probably be an ugly last few weeks. We'll see what happens on Wednesday, which will probably be nothing.

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