Thursday, October 28, 2004

Quick reminder as to why it's better that I'm not posting as much these days

Well, I clearly missed the boat on the height thing, but at least I'm bucking the trend on the whole fat-ass thing. Well, for now. Since I mentioned this, my great metabolism which allows me to do things like eat my weight in fish at sushi outings will probably break down tomorrow. But as far as sushi goes, that's fish. I mean, it's healthy, so I can eat all I want, right? Of course, that doesn't explain all the other shit I manage to get away with (save the high cholesterol). But hey, I'm a growing boy, dammit. It's just that I never really did grow and I'm not actually going to be growing any more. At least not vertically. Now that we're on the subject of things growing, I could probably go for a bigger cock. If for no other reason just so I can be even more depressed at seeing it go un-utilized. Okay, I'm going to bed now.

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