Friday, October 15, 2004

So Martha is in prison now. She's getting gifts and money from people. She might sign a book deal that'll bring in some jack. Remember how they went after Martha to make an example of her for all the other corporate crooks? You know, the ones they could have (and should have) really been going after, but decided to all but ignore so that they could go for the headline-grabbing celebrity instead? Hey, I'm not saying that Martha isn't a cook crook (that wasn't an attempt at a shitty joke; I actually mis-typed that at first and found it funny once I'd noticed... leave me alone) -- she's most certainly a bitch, but that isn't a prosecutable offense -- but there were much bigger fish to fry (something I'm sure she could all tell us a thing or two about). In the end, though, this is what happens to the big "example"? Love, support, and cash? Man, say what you want about communist countries and other opressive regimes, but when they made an example of someone, they made a fucking example of them. I suppose you could twist this around and say that this shows what a great country of opportunity the US is, if even the most downtrodden in the jails can make the best of it, but you'd be wrong.

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