Saturday, November 20, 2004

After about a hundred more years without any changes, I finally posted some updates to the sailor schoolgirl site. Yup.

Just as a quick Japanese porn history lesson, that second model, Ai Nagase (or Nagase Ai, if you prefer to go with the traditional name order I've got going on the site), is a pretty big porn star (and legal, I will add, to put some of you at ease, since this is Japan we're talking about). Big enough that most of the pictures I have of her aren't postable if I want to keep with the "clean & wholesome yet still dirty" motif I've got going (as opposed to just all-out dirty, even though I think that staying away from full-blown nudity is insidiously dirtier). She's rather popular, from what I understand, or at least popular enough that they make this adult product based on her. She's also 145 centimeters tall, which is about 4'9" for those of you keeping track at home. That's just about the neatest thing ever.

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