Saturday, November 20, 2004

... And one more goddamnit

Hey, guys: if you're having trouble getting your woman off, then just shove some electrodes in her back and start punching buttons!

Of course, something like this wouldn't actually be a boon to men, it'd be a replacement. Especially for weak, inexperienced, generally ineffective men like me. Can I at least watch?

Okay, jokes aside, I get that this is designed for extreme cases of women with orgasmic dysfunction, which is a nice euphemism for "man doesn't know what the fuck he's doing" or "ice queen." Alright now, relax, ladies. I don't know much, but I do know that you're complicated, so just leave me alone (much like you've been doing for, oh, the majority of 25 years).

Hell, I could go on all night making jokes about this, but just one more. I also want to make a device of this nature just so that I can name it the Orgasmarator. Okay, seriously, that's all for now.

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