Thursday, November 18, 2004

Europe, you can continue laughing now

This shit has gotten way out of hand. Terrell Owens (pronounce it Tuh-rell, because that pisses him off) is even apologizing over this non-issue? Has anyone else been following this saga? I wish I hadn't, but it's been ALL OVER all goddamn week. Look, I know this country is all uptight and shit, but this is insane. No, I did not see the promo, because I can't get motivated to watch my home team play, nonetheless any other teams on Monday night. Still, I cannot see how it was in any way offensive. The only thing that might offend me is Nicollette Sheridan. I don't know what she's looking like these days, but isn't she like 135 years old now?

Michael Powell is "disappointed" in the promo. ABC wishes it "hadn't aired." Fuck all of you pieces of shit. Michael Powell is officially on the list of people who we're going to throw a party over when they die. Fuck you and your puritanistic bullshit, fuck your need to turn this country even lamer than it already is. And fuck ABC for pussing out and not sticking to their guns. What, you guys are backing down because some tight-assed white Christians from middle America made a phone call to fill the voids in their empty lives? Fuck you, all of you, you goddamn pieces of shit.

I hadn't heard Tony Dungy's take on things, that it was "racially offensive." Racially offensive? How? Does Tony not like us mixing races or something? The only people I know who would find this shit offensive are insecure white guys who are all pissed off and jealous because they know that white bitches love that big, black cock. See? Now that was kinda racially offensive, Tony.

Jesus Christ I hate this place. And, oddly enough, I have Jesus to thank for this moronic bullshit. Of course, it's not directly His fault; it's His followers and the mindset that they're pushing. But fuck Jesus all the same. Fuck Jesus, fuck Michael Powell, fuck ABC and Tuh-rell Owens, and fuck Americans. God damn it I hate everything.

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