Sunday, November 07, 2004

More and more, Karl Rove is becoming my fucking hero. This may seem odd at first seeing as how I hate the man he's gotten into office for two terms now, or it may make perfect sense if you know me at all. Hey, I may not be happy with the results, but I've gotta give the man big props for doing what he's done. And besides, I'm a conservative now, remember? Flip, flop! Flip, flop!

The left really needs a Karl Rove of their our own. Yeah, a Rove of our own. Someone to say, "No, fuck that. We're going to do it my way, we're going to do it simple, and we're going to fucking win." Someone who's not as weird looking as Carville, maybe the closest thing we've got (not that Rove is any prize package himself). Someone who sits in their office all day and thinks. Someone who can be vicious, or, more appropriately, someone who can delegate responsibility to go out and be vicious. And above all, someone who's fucking smart. I could handle some of those qualifications, but I am just nowhere near that goddamn smart.

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