Tuesday, November 16, 2004

So Condi Rice has been tapped to be the next Secretary of State. Even though he just turned into the Administration's prison bitch (not to detract from Tony Blair, their overseas prison bitch), it was nice having Colin Powell as our chief diplomat since he was, you know, interested in diplomacy. Despite the fact that he was a huge pussy, it sure beats what I can only describe as the latest move in Bush's consolidation of power.

I guess I'm okay at this point with Stephen Hadley being next in line for National Security Advisor, if only because now when he's mentioned on the news I can just go "*sigh* Hadley..."

President Bush has instructed his new national security team to end the running battles between the State and Defense departments and the Central Intelligence Agency...

Yeah, that oughta be somewhat easier now since he has his man installed at the CIA, and his woman will be installed at State.

If a large-scale migration takes place, it could mark a transition between the institutions not seen since Henry Kissinger controlled both of them...

Things are always good if you can make comparisons to Kissinger.

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