Saturday, November 20, 2004

You know, I've been out here doing all this posting today, and I haven't done any complaining about how stupid I think you are if you believe in Jesus. Hey, I hold some dumb ideas myself, but at least I don't believe in some invisible man in the sky and his son, who died for all our sins.

Anyway, that was just a nice preface to this "In Pictures" feature from the BBC on an art exposition entitled "100 Artists See God." From the samples, a lot of it looks pretty pretentious, I can' see how some of it has anything to do with God (but of course I wouldn't, I'm not an "artist"), we know for a fact that Leonard Nimoy just plain likes boobs, and #6 -- to me, at least -- is pretty neat.

"... And he has a son. What is this, Bonanza?"
- Bill Maher on God and Jesus

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