Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I just saw something on Blogger's sign-on page entitled "Learning Blogger." And I'm like, huh? How fucking hard it it to set up and write a 'blog? I can do it, and I'm damn near fucking retarded (yet I'm still smarter than a good number of people out there... a seemingly unresolved that paradox, until I realize just how goddamn dumb people are). When it comes to 'blogging, you click on some shit, type some other shit, and then put up a bunch of worthless crap that you think someone somewhere might care about even though no one does. But then once you look at the quality of most 'blogs out there, you do see that people need special help. Sure, there are a couple of people who can float, but for the most part the genre sucks. If they had me put together a how-to guide on 'blogging, it would be pretty short. Here's the by and large of my advice on 'blogging: don't.

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