Saturday, January 17, 2004

Wow, this is kinda fucked up.
Speaking of that little eichi blog of mine, I haven't updated it since fucking Christmas. I'll try and get my shit together and make a post or two over there later this evening, because lord knows that the lord doesn't exist and that the FBI needs more evidence in their case against me.
Okay, for those who A) haven't already noticed and B) care, comments are back up and running. Let me know if there are any problems (with the commenter, not the site content - nothing we can do there), because that most likely means I fucked something up. A quick test shows that things are OK, though.

A big thanks goes out to the people at HaloScan for not only taking on the band of misfits that is former BlogSpeak users, but for doing so in a manner that allowed us to preserve our old comments. Also, thanks to Harry, the former BlogSpeak admin. It's a shame that guy was doing all this on a volunteer/donation basis, only to have to deal with a bunch of shit from his hosting service which lead to him shutting BlogSpeak down.

The transition to HaloScan was pretty easy, at least as far as Fe was concerned. I haven't hooked the sailor schoolgirl 'blog up just yet, but that's kinda low priority since no one comments there anyway. HaloScan is looking pretty good thus far. One feature that's really nice is that the list of comments will show not only the comments themselves, but also what post they're associated with. That was one thing BlogSpeak didn't have, and it was a pain in the ass when someone commented on an older post and I couldn't figure out what post it was just based on what the commenter said.

The only thing basic HaloScan doesn't have is e-mail notification of new comments. I can get that feature if I donate $10, though, which is something I might do. Despite my tendency to be frugal an asshole, I will definitely get good use out of that ten bucks, and it seems like a reasonable thing to do since HaloScan looks like it's run by two guys now, as opposed to one back at BlogSpeak. I was willing to front some money to help that one out, so at least there's a precedent in place to keep me from feeling like a total faceless consumer whore. Ignoring the fact that, well, that's exactly what I am.

So, yeah, have fun with the revitalized comments, Fuckheads. Try not to be lame, ignoring the fact that the site itself is indeed lame.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Yeah, people are just going to be falling all over themselves to pay nearly $700 to take the fun out of video games.

"The Kilowatt is at the intersection of these two and that demographic is capable of paying that kind of price." You're neglecting the fact that the people making up that gamer demographic are living in their parents' basement.
Real nice. Bush cries "ugly politics" and "unconstitutional" when it suits him, then pulls shit like this.
I wouldn't give a shit if they ran around naked. I'm still not watching any soccer. I know you say "bullshit" to my claim, but I seriously cannot tolerate that sport, no matter what they do to sex it up. The Baywatch principle is in effect; just because there are scantily clad women running around doesn't mean I'm going to watch some shitty show. I have plenty of other resources for stroke material that don't force me to watch Pamela Anderson (who hasn't been hot since the days when her tits were natural, by the way) "acting" or some boring-ass sport.

"There are two things that my kid is not getting involved in: drugs and soccer."
Here's a link via Penny Arcade, who also had a comic on the subject.

This issue has been in the news for awhile, and I've thought about commenting on it several times. I kinda avoided it, partly out of laziness, and partly out of the fact that commenting on the issue would be even more redundant than a lot of the other posts I make on this 'blog. After all, I make my feelings about foul language pretty clear with the name of this 'blog. If that fails to drive home the point, then just about every bloody post I've made should do the trick. But, fuck it, I'm bored, so let's chat.

God, I am so sick of this stupid debate. This really goes to show what uptight, unsophisticated, sissy cunts we are as a society. We're afraid of BAD WORDS. Oh no! Not bad words! What the fuck will ever save us from the horror of bad words?!

I promise you that except in cases of extreme volume, words never hurt anyone. Actually, I'm going to go a step further. Words never hurt anyone. Period. Not even really loud ones; we have physics and our own frail biology to blame in those cases. No, the words themselves have never done a goddamn thing to anyone.

Don't even give me any shit about children, who are always the unwilling reason for this debate. Here's the deal: if your kids are so fragile that words like "fuck" or "cunt" are going to irreparably damage them, then it is time for you to just euthanize your kids. They are not long for this world if they can't handle some filthy language every now and then. A lot of you aren't going to like this, but if you don't want your kids being potty mouths, then I once again suggest you try some parenting. Sorry, some fucking parenting.

People always like to forget that we have choices in this country. If you don't like the language or content of a particular TV program or radio broadcast, then just fucking change the channel or the station. "But what if my kids are accidentally exposed to it? I can't control everything they see or hear." Yeah, welcome to reality, asshole. You can't control everything your children are exposed to. They're going to be exposed to all sorts of shit no matter how hard you try or how many laws are passed. Unless if you want to keep them locked in a room for their entire lives, it's gonna happen, and you're going to have to fucking own up to conceiving the little bastards and somehow resolve the situation. No one ever said it was gonna be easy, but you're the one who signed on for this, so shut the fuck up and leave the rest of us alone.

Some people like to say that those who use curse words have limited vocabularies. This notion is just plain fucking stupid. For some people, yeah, that's true. Considering the size of the unwashed, uneducated masses out there, there are PLENTY of people with limited vocabularies, swear words or not. Shit, the way I look at it, my vocabulary is actually bigger since I will allow these words into my working set.

I'll be the first to stand up and point out that fucking using "fuck" as every fucking other word in a goddamn fucking sentence is not the fucking way to fucking sound like you're any fucking kind of educated fuck with any sort of fucking class. Most people, however, are not that bad. Even I'm not that bad, although I obviously come close more often than some people. And I don't use bad words when I'm in a situation where I know it's not appropriate. I'm flexible like that. In addition to being able to communicate using the standard, everyday acceptable language, I can bust out the elevated diction MORE than the next guy. So fuck all that shit, silent Bob. Learn when and when not to use bad words, unless of course if you just don't care.

Okay, that covers the social aspects of language. How about the legal ones? Well, not surprisingly, this arena pisses me off as well.

"It's irresponsible of our programmers to continue to try to push the envelope of a reasonable set of policies that tries to legitimately balance the interests of the First Amendment with the need to protect our kids."


Read: conservative fuckheads. By conservative, I'm not talking politically, I'm talking people who live in this narrow little bubble that they refuse to look beyond for fear that there might be something different, interesting, or even fun out there. This coming from me, who's pretty fuckin' narrowminded.

When it comes to all this, I go back to George Carlin, who said something along the lines of the following: "At one point it was decided that TV and radio were the only parts of speech that were not subject to the First Amendment protections of the Constitution. I'd like to repeat that, because it sounds vaguely important."

The First Amendment is not absolute. I know that. However, we have a yardstick for determining when the First Amendment can be restricted: when speech presents a clear and present danger. Where the fuck is the clear and present danger of using bad language? Oh, yeah, you can make arguments about how it's harming our children, or how it degrades us as a society. THOSE HARDLY QUALIFY AS "CLEAR."

Sorry for all the yelling, but it infuriates me to no end that one of our most sacred principles is continually violated based on the wishes of a religious and conservative base who want to push their boring ideals on EVERYONE.

The only reason why I can tolerate some censorship is because it makes it all that much more naughty when someone does use swear words. Censorship helps keep the edge on these words, and their taboo nature makes them more fun and interesting to use. I mean, shit, that's pretty much the main joke here at Fuck everything. The thing is, all these censor-happy fuckheads are not doing this so that we can be amused, they're doing it to push their lame-ass agendas on the rest of us. So no points for them.

Even in cases of racist or hateful language, I've again gotta go with Carlin. It's not the hateful words you need to worry about, it's the asshole who's saying those words that you've gotta watch out for. The actions coming from dumbasses like that oftentimes DO hurt people, but the words in and of themselves do not hurt anyone.

You know, if bad words were such a horrible, destructive force, then our society would have ceased to exist a long time ago. Shit, if these uptight ninnies were correct, this 'blog alone could bring about the fall of Western civilization. But you know what? People are using foul language everywhere everyday, and we're still here. So relax, say what you want, and just ignore what you don't want to hear. I don't see why that's such a big issue, since we're pretty good at ignoring shit already. Just lighten up America, will 'ya?

In closing, I think Eric Cartman put it best when he said "What's the big fuckin' deal, bitch? It doesn't hurt anyone. Fuck fuckitty fuck fuck fuck."
Gimme a "D"!
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Yours in Christ,

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If you want to pull off a scam on me, mentioning Jesus 300 times in a two-minute e-mail is not the way to go about it.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Via Explaining the Joke, fuck.
Things have been kinda lonely without comments. Even though it's not even my fault, I'm losing mad guestbook ratings thanks to it. Okay, like one person was mad that I don't have comments and docked me for it, but still.

Anyway, BlogSpeak is going to get transferred to HaloScan. The guy who runs BlogSpeak appears to have gotten fed up with all the bullshit he's had to deal with in terms of hosting and all that, and I don't blame him. I have no idea as to how long the transition to HaloScan will take, but the nice thing is that once it's done, all of my old comments will be retained. I'd say that I'll keep you posted, but you'll pretty much know when things are back up and running anyway since you'll once again be able to comment.
It looks like Central Park Media is going to release one of my favorite series, Narue no Sekai, in one fell swoop on April 6. I can't remember if I already knew the release date, but I'm pretty sure I didn't know they were just going to release it as one set all at once. That's fine by me. I was gonna buy the whole series anway despite having already seen the whole thing. That show is just too goddamn cute, and they deserve some money for it.
So I just realized that I'm the biggest idiot in the world. I know, this is not news to most (if not all) of you.

Remember how a couple of posts back I was complaining about "All Asian Honey"? Well, I realized how they got my fucking e-mail and why they're spamming me. That's a fucking Yahoo! group that I signed up for. Actually, it's two different groups. All those goddamn spams are my fault. They're a haunting reminder of back when I didn't have the resources I've got now in finding Asian honeys, in addition to being a haunting reminder of how fucking stupid I am. As if I need more reminders of that fact.

Also, since I had signed up for this, these people were targeting spams at something I was looking for. So props to them, even though I'm pretty sure they aren't selling anything.

Note to self: go and un-sign up for those fucking groups, you retard.
Google search:

love hina sim date cheats

Okay, I've gotten this hit a couple of times. They might be talking about Love Hina Advance for the GBA or Love Hina Gorgeous for the PS2. I've played some LHA, and it's a dating sim. As for LHG, I believe it is a dating sim as well.

Before we go any further, some of you may be asking WTF is a dating sim? Well, dating sims are a popular game genre over in Japan. They're kinda like RPGs, only instead of fighting monsters and garnering things like experience points, you go out hunting chicks trying to garner points with them so that you can (hopefully) score. I know your initial thought is that I'm making this up, but then it hits you that I'm not once you remember how not socially well-balanced the Japanese are.

Anyway, back on with the main point of this rant. I find no end to the amusement that people are trying to CHEAT at DATING SIMS. What kind of a failure in life are you when you feel the need to cheat at a game designed for people who are already failures in real relationships? I mean, if you want to lie, cheat, and bullshit your way through a fake relationship, you might as well just go out and get yourself a real relationship.
You've heard me talk about spam before, and how I'm annoyed by it but not (yet) all that pissed about it. I just now reached a point, though, where I realized it's getting out of hand.

I was perusing a photobook I bought from J-List, and somewhere around the middle of it there was this little post card type insert. It had a picture of a gaijin doctor on it, and I was like "what the fuck is this?" Upon reading what little of it that I could (it's in Japanese), I see that it's an ad for baiagura. Allow me to translate the broken Engrish for you: it was an ad for Viagra.

You've got to be fucking kidding me. I can't even drop down $40 for a nice photobook without being harassed over my (apparently) non-functioning dick?

Look, leave me alone with the Viagra shit, okay? My dick works just fine, alright? It's nothing impressive, but it works like the instructions tell me it should. And I don't need to be getting a three-day hardon or anything like that, either, so leave it alone.

If nothing else, I am sick and tired of getting spams that don't have any relevance to me. Another one I get a ton of that started to I filter out is from some fuckers whose e-mails always say "All Asian Honey [some AV idol's name]." This pisses me off because I clearly do not have any troubles finding my own (digital) Asian honeys. In fact, I very often already have lots of pictures of [some AV idol's name]. I should start spamming these motherfuckers, telling them that I have several directories worth of [some AV idol's name], and I can probably send THEM some pics they don't already have for $9.95 a month.

Considering my utter lack of spending controls or fiscal responsibility (we're not on deficit spending, though), these people could do some real damage if they took four seconds and targeted their e-mails at my consumer whore lifestyle. Let me know about some shit I think I need really really want or was previously unaware of. Yeah, I know, that'd cost money, and it would kill the spam business model, and that's why they're not gonna do it.

Like I've said before, though, I've just learned to live with it. But can you please leave me alone when I'm with my photobooks? Thanks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Google search:

I'm in the appliance business and need a "catch phrase" for my business

Why do I get the sense that this guy's business is in trouble?
For reasons known most likely only to ETP, I'm obligated to post any stories I come across that are about bird flu.
I got two Google hits today that represented a new unfortunate trend: one for "gollum fucking girls" and another for "gollum porn." Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with you people? Go home.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Is Paul just covering his ass? Looks like you'll just have to read the book to find out.

Indeed, Clinton did make Iraq regime change our official policy back in 1998. One thing that might be noteworthy is the fact that that the timeframe of HR 4655 is September/October 1998, which is well after the January 1998 PNAC letter sent to Clinton.

The notion that plans were merely a "continuation" doesn't hold up to scrutiny because TB (Team Bush) didn't automatically follow suit on Clinton's policies (as if this needs to be said...). Remember in the 2000 election when TB stated its opposition to "nation-building"? I can't find a quote, so I could be wrong on this part, but I could swear that Condi Rice even referred to endeavors like those taking place in the Balkans as "silly little nation-building exercises." Of course, when the time came that TB felt as if it had no choice but to become a nation-builder, they were all for it.

Clearly, Clinton's signing of the Iraq Liberation Act was somewhat of a token measure - it said that we think Saddam is a bad guy, and it'd be cool if he were gone. Doesn't mean we were going to do much of anything that would bring about that conclusion. The PNAC guys, on the other hand, were keen on using military force to oust Saddam, so it's not inconceivable that once they came to power, they stepped things up a notch from the Clinton days. In addition to adopting Clintonian policy when they felt they had to, TB also "inherited" policy when they simply wanted to. Lucky for them they helped talk congress and Clinton into making some of their ideas into government "policy" well before ascending to the throne.

Finally, even if this was merely a "continuation," that still fails to change the basic argument that TB was planning to remove Saddam from day one. The only remaining question is to just how active they were in these plans: was it merely a contingency, or was planning in an advanced stage and they were simply looking for an excuse (like 9/11) to go forward? Considering that the PNAC had been clamoring for the removal of Saddam long before they came to power, it's kind of hard to believe that they would have given up on that after winning the election, and then magically come back to it post-9/11.
This could be interesting.

This is a quality post

Let's face facts: no one lands up with a condom in their soup for no reason. That woman musta done something to warrant a jimmy in her clam chowder. Someone put it in the "chowda house," alright!

Don't get me wrong; I'm not condoning this type of behavior. Reminds me of a Chris Rock rant about how just about anyone will give you an excuse to fuck them up, but that doesn't mean you should actually fuck them up. "Shit, there's probably a reason to push an old man down the stairs. JUST DON'T DO IT."

I get sick and tired of seeing people suing restaurants and whatnot all the time over truly frivolous claims, but I might be able to cut this woman some slack. I don't know about "severe emotional distress," but I'd certainly be worried about the possibility of having an unwilling indirect kiss with someone's genitals as well as the possibility of disease. Of course, this is coming from me, who comes from a long line of hypochondriacs who worry about EVERYTHING. For instance, my grandmother raised the possibility of leukemia one time when I had developed a slight cough. I'm not kidding.

And, god damn it, now I'm hungry for clam chowder. Clam chowder, or man chowder? Hey-oooo!
This blog is kind of sad, but even Band Dork has a girlfriend.

It seems like the self-deprecation has stepped up a notch as of late here at Fe, despite being at pretty high levels already. What's up with that? I must be having some real emotional problems.
I've been thinking about getting one of these for awhile, 'cause it'd be, you know, useful and stuff. Useful for late-night "coding sessions," alright.
I'm telling you, kids these days have no imagination or sense of originality. Just as well they didn't get a chance to go throught with it - everyone knows that remakes always suck, anyways.
About as Fair & Balanced a link as I'm likely to post.
So yeah, suck on that.
Bullshit. This is just mindless liberal ranting coming from the Army War College.
Couple of spams before bed:

Amplify Bedroom Ability

I'm not sticking my dick into any OP AMP circuits, so fuck off.

Will you get laid tonight?

Quit asking questions where the plain and obvious answer is "no."

Monday, January 12, 2004

It looks like BlogSpeak is currently fucked, so that's where comments went. They'll be back up as soon as I notice BlogSpeak is back up and running.
Plans to keep tighter tabs on air travelers roll forward.
The administration made up its mind to remove Saddam well before 9/11? I could have told you that. In, fact, I HAVE. God fucking damn it, why is it that this isn't a bigger deal by now? How many times do we have to go over this?

Back in the fucking 90s a bunch of guys decided that Saddam needed to be taken down. A bunch of them got together as part of group called The Project for a New American Century. They even sent out a letter to Clinton which stated their goal of ousting Saddam. A bunch of PNAC's members - Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld - have big government jobs nowadays. It doesn't take much effort (even for me) to realize that the Iraq war was a foregone conclusion as soon as these guys came to power. All they needed was an excuse - and 9/11 gave them just that.

Am I just stupid to think that this should be a big issue, when in fact it isn't? Am I just being too big of a fucking fundamentalist in wanting people to realize that what was sold as a war of necessity was in fact a war of choice? Is it wrong to be pissed that the administration wanted to do this all along, and they're just exploiting 9/11 in order to get what they want? Am I a fucking moron in that I want accountability for bullshit pretense that is costing us lives, money, and credibility?

This pisses me off so god damn much because it's so much bigger than Son of Gulf War. While the war is a huge deal in and of itself, the bullshit the war is bathed in speaks to the bigger issue of an administration that will lie and scheme to make reality of a pre-determined agenda regardless of the costs.